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Group Du Jour "Forgotten Colors" lyrics

When the Moon Turns Blue (Crommie)
Helicopters overhead
Shake my house
Make the next-door dogs bark
But they don’t rattle me as much
As you make me aroused

I’ll be waiting for you
When the moon turns blue
Until then I’m hunting you down
Crawling on the ground again

‘Tis a modest betrayal
To play the exile
To flee instead of
Facing the fire
You’ll go on trial someday

You’re wearing your shiny new
High-heeled shoes
But in the final analysis
I get to do the dirty work
Working class boots

I’ll be waiting for you…

Playing With the Fire (P. Parker)
Playing with the fire
Your eyes of ice
Focus with greed
On death’s device
Making the chess moves
Risking the pawns
Play with fires
Of hell’s megatons

Spinning the big wheel
Throwing the dice
Pulling the handle
And risking all life
Raising the odds now
Backing the bet
With lives of the future
That haven’t lived yet

Playing with the fire
Your hand on the phone
Play with the fires
Of lives not your own
Play with the fire
Your eyes of ice
Focus with greed
On death’s device

The Ascent of Heavenly Bodies (Crommie)
The distance between me and you
Can’t be so far to travel
I must find out
I must find out more
There are not any straight lines
Between me and you
Just circles and arcs
The possibilities seem endless

See the bodies moving closer
Feel the waves of heat
That draw the spheres
Toward each other
Don’t hold still, we are fragile flowers
That only briefly bloom
Faces awash with forgotten color
The ascent of heavenly bodies

We are worlds in collision
Holding hands palm to palm
Breaking hold and spiraling back
To back to back to back we face away
Running for cover I face forward
The sky is moving, sweeping me along
The moment is current
The current is taking me
The pull is strong

Dissatisfied (Crommie)
They go so fast
Yet move too slow 
They never really last
Till the end of the show
Just when it seems
Things are on an even keel
A hole in the road
Makes the broken wheel

It’s all so large
That I seem too small
How far will I dig
Before I’m through the wall
Dragged along the current
The swollen current racing
Unable to kick my feet to
Slow acceleration

Deep inside – dissatisfied
Cannot send, cannot receive
Too bright, too cold, too hot
Too loud
Deep inside – dissatisfied
Cannot send, cannot receive

Music in the Night (Crommie)
In the back of my mind
On the tip of my tongue
I hear music in the night
Music in the night
You are the answer
That I will never question
For my secret obsession
Never question again

I am hot on the heels
Summer crickets in the field
I hear music in the night
Music in the night

Wearing of my charms
Catch your passion in my arms
For my sacred obsession
Catch your passion again
We’ll walk the road
With shadows growing longer
Absence and distance
Making hearts grow stronger

Dance Into the Light (P. Parker)
Touched again by time
The dust slowly stirs
And raises from the dark
To light
To dance again

Dance into the light
Embracing life
And live your day

Ashes settle
Down upon the earth
To fallow lie
To wait for life
To call to life
That which did die

Dance into the light…

Heaven is the Real World (Crommie)
She’s underwater
And her eyes are still open
When she talks she is
Outside the realm of dreams
She’s running fast now
And the wind cannot catch up
She walks like she just
Stepped off the ballroom floor

Bathed in color
Beneath starlight
Heaven is the real world

She doesn’t have a thing to say
Never stops to say a word
Sleeps in the pouring rain
All covered in roses of red
Creeps on her hands and knees
Flies through the moonlight
With her ear to the ground
Heaven is the real world

Building a Fire (Crommie)
Nervous laughter
Muffled screams
It’s been lonely here
In my waking dream
Daybreak and heartbreak
Has shattered my hopes
Something tiny tells me
At the end of my rope

Building a fire

Questions, arguments
Written on walls
I have a pain in my neck
Needle stuck in your doll
Everybody’s talking about
Building the fire
No one is listening
Self-imposed exile

Building a fire

Force the Door (Crommie)
Force the door open
Prying with the fingers
Wedged between cracks
Start to move slowly
Put my foot through
Something holding on
Hands begin to slip
Never giving up
Put my leg through
Chin against the lock
Pushing very hard
Someone shouting “NO!”
Pop my head through
Take a look around

Can’t understand
Why they do this to me
Don’t they know that
I was meant to go

Try my luck again
Bolted it shut
Threw the key away
Using my fist
Knocking politely
Footsteps approach
Part way open
Rattling the chain
Eyes peeping past
Ask identification
Can’t remember my name
Mumble a prayer
Catching my breath
Shouting aloud

Can’t understand…

Still Standing (Crommie)
I know what’s good for me
If I’m good for you
Go ahead and twist my arm
I’ll give you a clue
Cut the strings
And I’m still standing
Next to you

Can’t erase mistakes
Only mend the wound
It comes back around
Lessons learned from truth
Cut the strings
And I’m still standing
Next to you

The first exposure
I offered no resistence
Each taste is the essence
I was born to live with
Cut the strings…

Place to Hide (Crommie)

Air is getting heavy
I can hardly breathe
Distant drums are beating
Birds fall from the trees
I need somewhere to hide
Promise not to tell
Need somewhere to hide
There’s no place like hell

Meet me at midnight
Just outside of town
Where oil fields burn
And dogs run wild
In electrical storms
In industrial parks
Psycological reasons
Psychological reasons

I need somewhere to hide
Promise not to tell
Somewhere to hide
There’s no place like hell

Say What You Mean (Crommie)
I’m trying hard to enjoy the pain
Say what you mean what you say
Disregard the cause – crucify effect
Say what you mean what you say
Something went wrong, but I’ll pay the price
Say what you mean what you say
There’s no competition for affection here
Say what you mean what you say

Love your intimidating charm
Flash on red eyes
Say you won’t do any harm
Overwhelm me real nice
Grab me by the neck
Twist my naïve arm
Make me love the act
Even if it’s luke warm

Your face turns to lizard
Mine’s gorilla or snake
No more subtlety this time out
Not a hair out of place
I imagine my photo
Right next to your dart board
But I just can’t wait for patience
Guess I’ll just lose the race

Man of the Hour (Crommie)
Give me something simple
I can understand
No more beating around the bush
This time I’m giving it to you straight
The man of the hour

It’s a job of danger and intrigue
Take cheap shots at others
In the league
Someday the tide will turn
Turn the other way
Then what condescension
Will you relay
Champion of mediocrity
The Man of the hour

Behind the scenes there’s another story
Twisted words that turn the sweet to sour
The man of the hour
You have such a picture-perfect
Built on the collapsing scaffolds
Of deception
The man of the hour

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